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For all our spa and beauty treatments we use and stock only the very best pharmaceutical grade product to ensure results. For our make up treatments we use Esmi Skin Minerals and Poni Cosmetics, a stunning range of products that look great and look after your skin at the same time. And for our body treatments, we use the Whish range, which will leave you feeling amazing from top to toe. And if you want to take that feel good feeling home, all our products are available to purchase. Just order them at your next appointment or contact us and we’ll let you know when they’re ready to collect.

Environ Active Vitamin Infusion

An express treatment using Sonophoresis to penetrate vitamins & others active ingredients 4000 percent deeper into the skin, leaving it look younger, brighter and plumper.



Pure, potent botanicals integrated with the latest developments in skin care technology deliver rapid, visible results for all skin types.


Celavive’s exclusive ingredient complexes work to help counteract visible signs of chronological and lifestyle stress ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. These key beauty ingredients help support six major elements that can help maintain a healthy-looking skin matrix, including collagen and elastin, for noticeably smoother, younger-looking skin.


Lilash Eyelash Serum

Enhance your eyelashes with Lilash Eyelash Serum.
LiLash is highly concentrated. A single application stroke is all you need for best results. For sensitive eyes, apply every other day during the first week.

Vinylux Polish

VINYLUX is the latest in advanced nail strength & care. Less chemicals better colour & longer wear. VINYLUX lasts up to 10 days try it today!

Esmi Skin Minerals

Feed your skin with esmi Skin Minerals.
Esmi Skin Minerals was created because the founders couldn’t find an Australian made skin line which they absolutely loved and which fulfilled their needs. Identifying an opportunity in the market, and using their combined 30 years cosmetic industry experience, they developed a mineral foundation along with some beneficial skin treats for the skin to meet these needs and those of consumers. Coverage, activity, colour, cruelty free, protection and treatment were the crucial considerations throughout the development phase—all of which esmi Skin Minerals sets a high standard.

Each ingredient in our liquid mineral foundation was carefully chosen for its beneficial properties and purpose.

HYALURONIC ACID: A powerful moisture-binding, water-loving molecule that keeps skin plump, super hydrated and refreshed.
NIACINAMIDE (VITAMIN B): Provides benefits for aging skin by assisting to improve skin elasticity and revive healthy tone and texture.
ALOE VERA: This amazing plant is soothing and rejuvenating and provides anti-aging benefits, moisture and assist people with acne or blemishes.
SHEA BUTTER: Contains vitamins A and E, essential fatty acids, and provides moisturising, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.
ALLANTOIN: A natural, soothing, moisturising, anti-irritant and skin protectant that increases smoothness and promotes cell replication and healing.

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