IPL Permanent Hair Reduction


IPL (Intense pulsed light) Revolutionary state of the art dermeo french technology to ensure effective hair reduction in as little as six treatments this machine is the best in IPL available.

With 14 years experience in IPL you will be in extremely qualified safe and experienced hands being treat by a qualified Medical Aesthetician.

You will save thousands over the years in waxing costs and monthly appointments. In your initial consultation which is complimentary, we will explain the procedure and talk about your medical history to see that you are suitable for treatment and offer a realistic cost for you to consider based on your personal needs.

No more shaving or waxing IPL offers safe clinically proven dark hair reduction by its light absorbing into the hair follicle and using it as a pathway down to the root area in which it grows from and destroying the hair with heat.

The sensation is similar to that of a rubber band flicking the skin.

Areas all over the body can be treated such as Upper lip, Chin, Face, Underarms, Bikini Line, Brazilian, Stomach, nipples, Arms, Legs, Back and Chest (great for males)

You need to come in for your treatments monthly to ensure we treat all of the hair at the right stage this is essential for the effectiveness of the treatment.

IPL Sun Damage & Skin Rejuvenation


IPL (Intense pulsed light) Revolutionary state of the art dermeo french technology can rejuvenate your skin by using flashes of light to remove pigmentation (brown

sun spots) Redness and spider veins.

With 14 years experience in IPL you will be in extremely qualified safe and experienced hands being treat by a qualified Medical Aesthetician.

IPL stimulates the cells to produce more collagen which plumps firms and refines the skins texture and diminishes fine lines. A non surgical face lift with on going results seen for months in advance after having a course of treatments. Perfect for face, neck, chest and backs of the hands.

To start a gel will be applied to the skin and the sensation will be similar to that of a warm flicking rubber band.

After just one skin rejuvenation treatment the skin will be notably more radiant and improved however to get the very best results and especially if needing to remove and diminish spots or spider veins a series of three to four treatments recommended.

Afterwards your skin will feel similar to that of sunburn with the possibility of some darkening of the treated areas.

After having a course of IPL your skin will be more even in colour, texture, look and feel more youthful giving you more confidence, saving you time and money in make-up to be the best version of yourself.

This non invasive IPL treatment is recommended yearly especially after the summer.

A personalised consultation will be required to determine your desired outcome.  There are different payment options available.

IPL Capillary & Redness Treatment


Want to get rid of difuse redness and spider veins? Then IPL is the treatment for you.

IPL can remove unsightly capillary damage and overall redness helping the skin to look more even in colour and texture.

Intense Pulse Light is virtually painless. It uses flashes of light across the skins surface to repair and rejuvenate the skin.

Sun protection is paramount before and after treatments as the sun causes a lot of this damage. A course of 3 -4 courses is recommended.

Initial Consultation

Item Price
Full consultation includes: Skin analysis, photos, consent, questions. pre and post care information. Consultation free with treatment. $45

Skin Rejuvenation

Item Price
Full face $350
Full face and neck $450-$500
Full face, neck and decolletage $850
Neck $250-$300
Decolletage $150-$300
Hands $250

: 3 – 5 treatments is recommended.
Red Veins: Treatment number varies. 3 – 5 recommended
Collagen Photorejuvenation: Skin tightening. 5 treatments recommended.
Rosacea: 3 – 5 treatments with assessment recommended.
Treatment programme: 3 – 4 weeks between treatments.
Yearly maintenance treatments recommended.

Hair Removal

Item Price
Upper lip $75
Upper lip and chin (above jaw line) $150
Upper lip and chin (below jaw line) $175
Sides of face $150-$200
Neck $150-$200


Item Price
Underarm $170
Bikini line (to top of thigh) $175-$200
Bikini line extensive (Includes top of upper thigh) $250-$300
Brazilian $300-$350
Back (price discussed at consultation) $350+
Legs 1/2 (price discussed at consultation) $400+
Legs full (price discussed at consultation) $650+

Treatment programme
: Average of 6 – 8 treatments. Number dependant on hair thickness, density, hormones, genetics. Usually monthly but programmes are assessed as hair growth reduces. For large areas, costs and time will be assessed at initial consultation.