About You Medi-Spa offers you medical grade peels to remove dead skin cells and restores moisture to the deeper layers of the skin.

By exfoliating the skins surface and removing the build up of dead skin cells it lessens fine lines and wrinkles and helps with the absorption of product to reach the deeper layers of the skin plumping, firming and refining the skin. The stimulation improves collagen synthesis and fades out brown spots and pigmentation. Your makeup will go on more evenly and flawlessly giving you a more vibrant and healthy complexion.

Monthly peels are recommended for the healthy skin turnover and to deter sun spots and keep the skin looking fresh.





About You Medi-Spa facial treatments are at a medical level performed by a qualified therapist trained in advanced skin analysis to ensure the correct prescription and facial modality for your skins needs.

We use cosmeceutical results driven emerginC to deliver results that work.

Environ active vitamin infusion
An express treatment using Sonophoresis to penetrate vitamins & other active ingredients 4000 percent deeper into the skin, leaving it looking younger, brighter
and plumper.

Environ super facial
With state of the art technology we use the Environ Electro-Sonic Ionzyme®DF machine to increase the penetration of all active ingredients in this facial up to
4000 percent. This gets the ingredients far deeper into the skin for more effective results that are second to none.

Starting with advanced exfoliators to remove all dead skin cells, deeply hydrate and prepare for the take down of the following ingredients.

Advanced DFP 312 peptide serum is infused into the skin to plump, firm and focus on areas of concern.

Vitamins A and C are infused into the skin under a calming and deeply hydrating alginate rubberised mask.

After the treatment the skin is renewed, colour and texture is refined and it looks as though you have had a non surgical face lift.

Have as a one off treatment or try one per week for 6 weeks as an intensive course.

emerginC protocell plant stem cell facial treatment

emerginC’s latest active anti-ageing treatment combines the powers of emerginC’s super anti-ageing protocell range, featuring rejuvenating and protecting apple stem
cells, super hydrating hyaluronic acid and cactus extract with brightening vitamin C in a remineralising peel-off mask. The complexion takes on a remarkably smoother,
softer, more even, porcelain-like appearance.

emerginC skin brightening peel
Triple threat facial that gives dramatic results; ‘the quickie’’ express, brightening and lightening treatment. For best results a course of six is recommended.

emerginC purifying facial treatment
Utilizing proven, results-focused active ingredients to help combat problematic skin prone to breakouts and congestion, this purifying and healing treatment helps clear and rebalance the skin, without stripping or drying. You will be amazed!

emerginC hydration booster facial treatment
Hydration is the key to long-lasting healthy skin. Incorporating a variety of intensely hydrating and repairing emerginC products, this treatment leaves your skin smooth, hydrated and glowing with health.

emerginC super-firm facial treatment
emerginC’s age-defense facial treatment utilises a comprehensive range of concentrated, potent, active ingredients including collagen-boosting minerals,
powerful antioxidants, fruit acids, vitamins, plant extracts and more, to firm, smooth and re-energise our skin. Exceptional age defying results!

Environ Treatments

Item Price
Environ active vitamin infusion $85
Environ super facial $265


EmerginC Treatments

Item Price
Skin Brightening Peel $80
Radiance Peel $100
Purifying Facial $100
Hydration Booster Facial $100
Super-Firm Facial $120
‘get the red out’ Strengthening Facial $100
Scientific Organics Facial $100
Photocell Plant Stem Cell Facial $120